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About The Brand

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The Founders Story 

After quarantine, my work, health, and relationships deteriorated. I was working 12-15 hours a day fueled by coffee, followed by weekend escapades. I was stressed out, anxious, and depressed. I had to regain my physical and mental health.

After a 5-minute cold plunge in my DIY chest freezer, I felt clear headed, focused, happier, and more like myself. But why wasn’t I doing it everyday?

The hassle of dirty water and maintenance deterred me from making it a daily habit.

With my master's degree in mechanical engineering and my background in designing cooling systems for Caterpillar Inc., I leveraged my expertise to prototype a superior solution. The effects of cold plunging became addictive, leading to a significant turnaround in my lifestyle and overall health.

Since starting Inergize Health, I’ve stopped consuming alcohol (which is hard for an Irish lad) and I’ve created a health conscious community in San Diego.

I founded Inergize Health to guide individuals like you toward becoming your best self.

Whether you aspire to be healthier, more disciplined, energetic, or pain-free, I'm here to support your journey.

Every action you take shapes the person you're becoming. So, I ask you: Who do you want to become?"

Ciaran Flanagan, Founder of Inergize Health

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Vision & Mission

We aren’t just a ‘Cold Plunge Company’.

At Inergize Health, our mission is to empower high performers in embracing healthier habits. Through our innovative products, we strive to enhance your well-being, prolong your vitality, and facilitate the creation of a lasting legacy. Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant community of individuals committed to living consciously and inspiring others to do the same

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Inner Work

We believe that you can accomplish anything you desire. You’ll need to look inward to have both the awareness of who you are now versus who you want to become. Formation of that new identity is accomplished with daily habits of your new future self.


We believe that increasing your energy through natural means is the only sustainable method. Utilize your own resources through: goal setting, self-discipline, self-care, exercising and eating clean.

Meet The Team

Ciaran Flanagan

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CEO & Founder 

When he's not forming partnerships, strategizing, analyzing data, or ideating new products, he immerses himself in the great outdoors and fitness. He can be found carving the snow-covered slopes, traversing rugged trails or challenging himself at Invictus Crossfit Gym.

Devin Raymond

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Director of Operations

He has over a decade of operational prowess, acquired through leadership positions at leading global corporations. Outside of business pursuits, Devin enjoys biking, skiing, and making the most of San Diego's sunny beaches.

Conor Flanagan

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Director of Sales

He thrives on building connections and sharing laughs with customers, partners, and colleagues. Self proclaimed king of banter, he has an unflappable demeanor that nothing seems to shake. Outside of work, you'll often find him hitting the gym, catching waves, or enjoying social outings.

Kyle O’Neil

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Director of Customer Success

Kyle thrives on building meaningful connections with customers, going beyond support to deeply understand their needs and usage of our products. When he's not immersed in customer interactions, you'll find Kyle camping, boating, and off-roading.

Alexa Montel

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Customer Support Manager

Alexa ensures top-notch customer support services. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, she ensures that every interaction with our customers is handled with care and proficiency. Beyond the office, she enjoys ballet, pilates, and yoga.

Gisselle Ximénez

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Customer Support Specialist

In her role, Gisselle adeptly handles inquiries and swiftly resolves issues. Outside of work, Gisselle prioritizes her well-being with a regimen of strength training and a touch of cardio, embodying a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Nina Ormazábal

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Customer Support Systems Specialist

Her inspiration is finding solutions to optimize and offer the best customer experience. She lives near the sea and loves taking beach walks, which helps her get inspiration and new ideas.