Frequently Asked Questions


A grounded 120V/60hz power supply on a 15A circuit. The chiller is not multi-voltage and cannot be used in countries that do not supply 120V/60hz power. If you're placing it on a deck or balcony, make sure it can support the weight 600-700 lbs.

We’ve had multiple ~6ft 4” users comfortably fit and head dunk without their knees popping out or water spilling over the edge.

"Best part is that being 6’- 4” I STILL totally fit in the tub, all the way submerged up to my chin, without needing to do a yoga pose just to fit. I can comfortably sit, fully under the water, every time AND I can grab the top rails to pull myself up when getting out (unlike a normal tub)." - Ian Rice

Not often. With the micron filter and by adding non-chlorine-based sanitizer (included), you’ll have clear water for longer - no more wasted time refilling the water every 2 weeks.

Yes it comes with one tight fitting inflatable cover for insulation and to prevent debris from entering the tub, it also has lockable straps.

Simply inflate the tub with air, attach the connections, connect the hoses, fill with water and plug the chiller into a grounded outlet.

It will release air extremely slowly around 1-2 PSI per month, just top it up with the hand pump but be careful not push the deflate valve while attaching the pump.

Yes. Its drop stitch polyester fabric is the same material used in inflatable paddle boards/kayaks providing rock-solid rigidity and can support 200 pounds on its edge without bending or spilling. It’s as strong and rigid as any acrylic bath tub, yet it can be rolled into a duffle bag for travel.

The chiller has a set point of 37F.

It cools about 6-7F per hour when ambient is at 65F. It will take about 4-5hrs to get cold enough to plunge.

Once on a WiFi network, the chiller connects to the Tuya app so you can operate the settings of the chiller from your phone and pre-program your preferred settings.

Customize Your Temperature
Want to build up your tolerance before going all the way down to 37°F? Set your temperature at your desired level from your phone.

Preprogram On/Off Schedules
You can program the chiller to turn on and off when you want to reduce energy costs.

Set Plunge Temperature Schedules
If you don’t want it to be extremely cold in the morning but like it colder at night, you can schedule automated temperature adjustments to your liking.

Yes it’s rated IPX4 which states “Protects from splashing water”. We recommned placing in shade/shelter as it will cool more efficiently and increase the longevity of the unit.

The chiller is moderately loud around 60 decibels when cooling the water to the desired temperature.

Replace the micron filter once per month for normal use or twice per month with heavy use and top up with non-chlorine sanitizer.

We’ve managed to fit a 250lb+ guy, you just need to be careful of the water level. check out some photos here

Do not operate it in temperatures below 40F, you should drain if stored in temperatures below 40F. The maximum recommended operating temperature is 105F. Keep in a well ventilated area allowing 12" of space around the chiller.


We offer a 1 year warranty on both chiller and tub against manufacturing defects. Our warranty for commercial use is 6 months. This warranty does not cover wear-and-tear or abuse of the product.

Send us an email and we will work with you to help resolve your issue.

Yes please see our 30 refund policy page in the footer

The chiller and the tub are shipped in two separate boxes. It’s recommended to handle the chiller with two people prior to removing it from the box.

Email us on to get a quote.