The Inergize Tribe

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Inergize Health's most important ingredient is our tribe. They're here to drive change and make a difference in the world. The fitness obsessed, entrepreneurs, and ambitious professionals are likely to be found here.

I was unsure how to summarize this group until a customer explained how Inergize Cold Plunge Tub had affected every aspect of his life from his happiness, focus, recovery and most notably his discipline.

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He explained how sitting in the cold plunge is like sitting with your fear and discomfort. It’s a two part analogy.

1. Deciding to embrace the cold is like refusing to run away from your fear and face it head on.

2. The longer you sit in the cold water (or with your fear) the more capacity you have to relax and remain calm in that uncomfortable situation.

This practice then carries through to your daily life.

It’s the moment you decide to work past afternoon tiredness, push through the burn of an extra rep at the gym, approach someone attractive or take on a new career path.

It’s someone who decides to face daily discomfort in a bid to grow.

To sum up who’s in this movement the answer is simple - you’re a person with a growth mindset.